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... video thermal technology to prevent

critical infrastructure and machinery fires

Online thermal camera for early detection of fire by measuring temperature in machinery, warehouses , ovens, electric motors, transformers, piles of flammable materials, among others.

  • Detection before the appearance of fire and smoke

  • Measurement of up to 20 temperature points online

  • Predictor with ambient temperature measurement

  • Visual and auditory alarm at operator station

  • Automatic notifications via email

  • Temperature datalogger with time stamp.

  • Honeywell Notifier integration

  • SQL, Power BI, PI, OPC database connectivity

  • Industrial communication Modbus TCP / IP

  • High-resolution, low-light optical video

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  • Rapid implementation of multiple critical points of temperature measurement


  • No wiring and pipeline, just one ethernet network point


  • Double function, thermal and optical temperature vision of the place


  • High scalability of applications, guarantee of long-term investment security


  • Alarm in the field, monitor and via email


  • Historical record and videos for failure analysis

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