..Safety, Reliability, Robustness

Mobotix is Smart Video for complete video surveillance in a complex and changing world. Mobotix cameras contain different optical sensors and a powerful internal server that analyzes data, associates it logically and initiates automatic actions to avoid danger.


Mobotix IoT solutions also monitor and control industrial processes and bring more intelligence to everyday life and work. Thanks to its uncompromising reliability and virtually unlimited application scalability, Mobotix guarantees long-term investment security like no other.

Características únicas...

  • Parlantes con mensajes y alarma

  • Micrófono bidireccional 

  • Grabación local y remota

  • Detección de intrusos

  • Envío de email con fotos y video

  • Alto resolución con baja luz

  • Construcción robusta

Unique features...

  • Speakers with messages and alarm

  • Bidirectional microphone

  • Local and remote recording

  • Automatic intrusion detection

  • Sending email with photos and video

  • High resolution in low light

  • Rugged IP66 and K06 construction

  • 3-year warranty, extendable (optional)

  • Mean time to failure 80,000 hours


Automatic Intruder Detection in Unguarded Zones



  • Up to 20 controlled access zones. Camera action can be programmed for day / night / holiday times.


  • A detecting an intruder during periods of surveillance and the camera automatically limit a siren or a message of persuasion


  • Record the event and send an instant notification to assigned emails


  • It is possible to listen to audio of the place and speak through the camera.

Technological Security complement to traditional security


MOBOTIX has developed the unique cybersecurity “cactus concept” to reliably and comprehensively protect end-to-end video systems against hacker attacks. Protect yourself from future attacks when someone tries to turn your robust IT infrastructure into IT chaos.

Registered technology, configuration and operation password


  • Distributed video with IP cameras, Poe power

  • Multiple optical and thermal lenses

  • Monitoring from the computer browser, management software and cell phone

  • Color night vision with Moonlight technology in low light areas

  • Intrusion detection with programmable local audio / alarm times

  • Notification in monitoring software and cell phone

  • Analytics of movement, direction, counting, behavior

  • Indication and alarm of temperature and ambient noise

  • I / O integration, RS232, API protocol, cybersecurity

  • Event-controlled or permanent recording

  • Storage in SD memory up to 250Gb and NAS memory.

  • Range from -30 to 60 ºC, environments with rain, snow and dust

  • Cost effective due to low consumption and zero maintenance

  • Easy scalability system, only requires a network point

  • German Manufacture with MTBF of 0.01% in 10 years

  • ONVIF protocol, GENETEC compatible